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Please follow the below instructions to submit an Ad for the Centennial Memory Book.

All ads must be submitted and paid for in full no later than July 15, 2010

Memory Book will be a limited edition hard back cover edition with approximately

200 color and black&white pages.

Appx. 100 pgs memories 100 pgs ads

30 pgs general ads, 30 pgs memorial ads, 30 pgs business ads, 10 pgs email addresses

Pictures can be included 

Ads for memory book:  General, Memorial and Business

All ads should be submitted in picture format (.jpg, .gif, etc.)

Your submitted ad size must not exceed the dimensions given below.

Dimensions are given to fit within our page print area size of 8.5"w X 11"H

Full page ad      $150.00 - 7.5"W X 10"H
1/2 page ad        $100.00
- 7.5"W X 5"H
1/4 page ad        $50.00 - 3.75W X 5"H

Email Address        $5.00 each address

General                 Congratulations to Proviso East H.S. on its 100th years Celebration

 Memorial:  In Memory of our Dearly Beloved Alonzo Watson 1984-1999…

Love, your family; wife, son, mom, dad, sister, brother, and host of uncles, aunts and cousins

 Business:    Watson Express Transportation congratulations Proviso East High School for 100 Years of Excellence

 Email:  First Maiden Last Class Email

Angela  Watson Smith 1986 angelawsmith@

Your ad may be submitted via email to: (recommended)
Given to any committee member at any fundraiser or mailed to:
Friends of Proviso East
PO Bx 5029
Forest River, IL 60305-5029

You will be sent payment options once your ad is accepted.

Questions? Please use our contact form from the top menu.